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National Drug Coverage in Canada?

A new study, conducted by the Angus Reid Institute, is the first to take a deep look at affordability ... Read More

4 Statistics that Show Canada Needs More Affordable Medicine

The problem of access to affordable medicine is experienced all over the world, even in places we don’t expect. ... Read More

Costs of Medicine – How to Go beyond the New Normal

Jyotsana Saha In the past 5 years, 15 new cancer drugs have entered the market with price tags of ... Read More

Hepatitis C Medicine

Hepatitis C Drugs Added to W.H.O. List of Essential Medicines

This article originally appeared in the New York Times – May 8, 2015 – Donald G. McNeil Jr The ... Read More

How Much Would You Pay for an Old Drug? If You Have MS, a Fortune

Older medicines for multiple sclerosis get more expensive with each new therapy developed By John Tozzi This article originally appeared in ... Read More

Access to Medicine | Declaration

New Study, Same Story: Medicine Isn’t Affordable

A new study by the National Health Statistics Center (NCHS) shows the continued, unsurprising trend: too many adults are not taking ... Read More

Universal Health Coverage Day: What’s Price Got To Do With It?

Today, December 12, is Universal Health Coverage Day. It may seem like there’s a day for everything! What is ... Read More

Rising Generic Prices in the Limelight

Since we shared this story on the rising prices of generic medicines last month, we have seen dozens of new ... Read More

Global News Reports: Canadian Patients Struggle with Costs of Cancer

This weekend Global News 16×9 featured a somber story on how the high costs of cancer drugs are causing ... Read More

LA Times – Generic Medicines & Tips for Keeping Costs Down

In her article in the LA Times, Lisa Zamosky explores some of the reasons even generic medicine prices can rise at ... Read More

Cost of Cancer

60 Minutes: Cost of Cancer Drugs

60 Minutes interviews some of the most well-known cancer doctors in the US speaking out against the cost of ... Read More

Generic Drug Prices

Generic Drug Prices Rising at Unprecedented Rates

Here’s a topic that’s been keeping us up at night. In the last year, several generic medicines have drastically increased ... Read More

Guest Blogger: Gleevec and Generics in India

We are so pleased to have a blog post from one of our volunteers this week. Pierre has been ... Read More

Trans-Pacific Partnership: What’s the deal?

The controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks taking place in Ottawa this week have been making headlines for a number ... Read More

Access to Vaccines | Access Our Medicine

Q: What’s The One Thing Even Vaccines Aren’t Immune To?

A: Rising costs. Vaccines have been a hot topic lately but there’s now another factor to add into the ... Read More

Big Innovations May Come In Small[er] Packages

We are all too aware of the rising costs of healthcare in Canada, and many of us may prefer ... Read More

Having Cancer Gets Even More Expensive

Chemotherapy bills—with the same doctor at the same clinic—are suddenly up. How hospitals and insurers are battling over the ... Read More

Compare Drug Prices Since 2007

This visual tool from Bloomberg helps illustrate the soaring cost of top selling brands of medicine. From the dropdown ... Read More

America’s Broken Healthcare System

Healthcare is different from retail and needs to be treated as such. “Outside of health care, people can choose ... Read More

Hepatitis C Medicine

“The nation may have finally met a drug it cannot afford”

The nation may have finally met a drug it cannot afford. While there are numerous costly medications, the case ... Read More

NBC Nightly News: Lethal Choices for Cancer Patients

Is innovation in the healthcare industry coming at too high a price – where individuals who need particular drugs ... Read More

Doctors Denounce Cancer Drug Prices of $100,000 a Year

“With the cost of some lifesaving cancer drugs exceeding $100,000 a year, more than 100 influential cancer specialists from ... Read More

Martin Luther King Jr.

In a speech to the Medical Committee for Human Rights in 1966, Martin Luther King Jr. made this poignant ... Read More

The Soaring Cost of a Simple Breath

In this article below, Elisabeth Rosenthal reviews the rising costs for asthma medication. “The Centers for Disease Control and ... Read More