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Guest Blogger: Linda & A Canadian Story of Access to Arthritis Medicines

CAPA, the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance is an incredible organization that recently joined the Access Our Medicine movement by ... Read More

The Costs of Cancer Care

Earlier this year, Costs of Care invited stories from patients and clinicians across the U.S. as a way to highlight ... Read More

Cancer Patient Saw Costs Jump: Jimmy and Martha White’s Story

This story was originally published by Karen Garloch in the Charlotte Observer.  Retired Charlotte florist Jimmy White and his ... Read More

Access to Medicine China

Desperate Measures for Affordable Medicine In China

Lu Yong is a Chinese leukemia survivor. His story is one of desperate measures to access affordable medicine in ... Read More

Biologics & a New Lease On Life: Laurie’s Story

Laurie is another member of CAPA, the Canadian Arthritis Patients Alliance, an organization that recently joined the movement by ... Read More

Access to HIV Drugs

David’s Story – Access to HIV Drugs

David Polson of Sydney, Australia, was diagnosed 28 years ago with HIV/AIDS. From the beginning, he has been filled ... Read More

Fathi Helmi Aboseda’s Story in Egypt

What role does a drug that costs $900 a week play in a country where the average family income ... Read More

Gary and Kathi’s Story

In 2000, Kathi Ryness’ multiple sclerosis was worsening leading to her being placed on the biological drug Avonex, which ... Read More

Access to Cancer Medicine

Bryce’s Story – Access to Cancer Medicine

Bryce is 37 years old and has a brain tumour. Avastin, a drug that has proven effective in controlling ... Read More

Cora’s Story – Tracleer and Specialty Drugs

  The Boston Globe recently covered the story of Cora Higson, a retired hairdresser, who was born with a hole ... Read More

Ice Bucket Challenge Melts Hearts

Like so many others who have seen this exceptional video posted by Anthony Carbajal, we were overwhelmed by his raw, ... Read More

Cancer Costs | Access Our Medicine

Cancer Costs – Anne’s Story

Anne Mitchell is a 67 year old grandmother of four who has fallen through the (too large and too ... Read More

Access to Arthritis Medicine

Access to Arthritis Medicine – Abigail’s Story

Abigail is 12 years old and one of the 24,000 Canadians under 18 who live with some form of ... Read More

Julie’s Story

At the age of 23, Julie had just graduated from the University of New Brunswick. Unlike most recent graduates, ... Read More

Louisa’s Story

Bartlett, IL resident Louisa Wilson has struggled with breast cancer for years. Following surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, Louisa found ... Read More

CTV Investigates: Cost of Cancer Care

When we launched the Access Our Medicine Initiative earlier this year, one of our goals was to help give ... Read More

Jericho’s Story

Jericho is a toddler who struggles with a potentially fatal genetic disorder. As a parent, it is difficult to ... Read More

Erick’s Story

“There’s no point creating medicine that works but no one can afford.” Many people tend to think that in ... Read More

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