The United Nations is about to select its new leader. This time, they are doing it differently. For the first time in history, the UN is engaging the public in the selection process. Candidates applying for the UN-Secretary General position will not only have to answer questions from member states, but also from citizens around the world.

Add your voice. The UN is asking people to submit and vote on questions to ask candidates. Now that making access to affordable medicines is a priority in the Global Goals, it’s crucial that the candidates are asked about their ideas on how to make this goal a reality.

We have come up with the following question that you can submit into the online form. The more people who submit this question, the higher the likelihood of it being included in the final list.

The UN has played an important role in ensuring access to affordable medicine for HIV/AIDS. How will you build off this success to ensure affordable access to medicine for all diseases?

Click here to submit this question to the United Nations.